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The study Architecture

The study "Architecture & Design"

The study "Architecture & Design" by Pasquale Bonarrigo was born in 1989 when the newly Architect, after having completed the training of the practitioner, began his professional activity. The organization of this study is that it can provide the customer all benefits pertaining to the typical technical-design and consultancy work in construction and related branches, in construction, interior decoration, renovation, maintenance condominiums, relief, safety construction, land practices, tables micron, evaluations, technical advice to courts, etc. .. , private individuals, companies and public institutions... Nova Architecture is an study based firm providing architecture and design services in both Italy and the Europe.


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Studio Tecnico Bonarrigo - Gruppo Design Architectural -
Viale Rimebranze, 16
89010 Varapodio (Reggio Calabria)